Image of Forest Creature / Ryan Garbes & Gerre Hancock // Split (Blackest Rainbow)

Forest Creature / Ryan Garbes & Gerre Hancock // Split (Blackest Rainbow)


From the label -
"Forest Creature are an insane duo that emerged out of the brief Blackout Band sessions. Duo of Ben and Richard. Total nutso weirdo noise shit, dumb electronics and self taught drums clatters... thrown in some scrapes, fights and pure dense noise with the odd barely recognizable vocal and you got Forest Creature... one flowing blurted nightmare. Ryan Garbes is the drummer from Iowa's Raccoo-oo-oon, and on this release he is joined by organist Gerre Hancock. Inititially the opening to this sounds like your in the big top surrouned by some chirpy clowns, elephants hand standing on balls, and dudes in big hats taming tigers... But then the psychedelia hits in, and man is it a trip! Far out smoky drones with elephants getting high - Dumbo style. Clowns becoming some kinda Nosferatu blood suckers - Tom Cruise Interview with a Vampire style. Grooving stoned lions dancing reeaaaallll slow, kicking the tamers asses whilst giggling away. one hell of a far out experience. Cassette = 70 copies."