Image of Forest Creature // Frustrated Analogue (Blackest Rainbow)

Forest Creature // Frustrated Analogue (Blackest Rainbow)

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"Blackest rainbow are always knocking out quality releases so it's with open arms that i welcome the newest offering of 'Frustrated Analogue' by Forest Creature. Consisting of Sheffield locals Ben Moon and Richard Sides Forest Creature's are an ever evolving entity, starting life as Wolf Eyes style noise oppressors they've set aside the harshness in favour of uplifting, repetitious prog noise and John Capenter-esque electronic ambience. The '7 edits' featured on 'Frustrated Analogue' sound more like out takes from an unheard Autechre album from the golden age of Warp records remixed by Black Dice. Yet the most obvious comparison would be Fuck Buttons. Tracks three and four illustrate this point best, you'd be convinced that Edit three was written by Fuck Buttons if you didn't know any better! Edit 4 pulsates like a crazy madman until the track is abruptly severed and sound like a mix of the analogue electro tracks from the first Fucking Champs album remixed by some late eighties IDM techno nut job. This appeals to me for the same way reasons as the recent Growing releases that have seen the group base all their compositions on repetitious pulses and loops. This gives what would normally be a big ole ambient mush some kind of foot shuffling, head nodding qualities, not quite dance floor material but certainly something you can get away with playing outside of the bedroom. Apparently they've taken to introducing real drums to their live performances which is suggested on the ambient trance workout that is edit 5. Booming toms and a live bass drum give this track a distinctive style that reminds me of Tortoise working a mangled Steve-Reich jam. Easily the best thing i've heard this week. Awesom-o."

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